Semi-mobile plant engineering

Plant oporators are often subject to logistical constraints. The use of permanantly installed stationary systems is therefore not always useful. This is where the Ennex semi-mobile plant technology comes in. A wide variety of machine units with the properties of stationary systems technology are built on specially designed hook lift racks of carriages.

This makes it possible for the operator to react flexibily to the requirements of his company and to shift his aggregate locally by means of a hook lift connection, within a very short time. 

Applied technique:

  • Hook lift frame
  • Guide rails
  • heavy duty rollers or tires

Required ancillary equipment, such as hydraulic power units, can be installed directly on a platform mounted on the frame. If more auxiliary equipment such  as compressor, generator or control cabinet is required, a supply module on the hook lift will be arranged nearby the supplied machine.

The individual components of the system are moved by wheel loaders on a solid surface or guide rails. Thereafter, all components must be electrically connected  to each other via flexible cables. The cables are hardwired to the components and plugged into the control module. By means of the control, which is usually attched to the feeding module ( bunker etc.), the system can be controlled and adjusted by the operator.