Pre shredders

Double shaft shredders

  • slow- and counter-rotating tool shafts in different lengths
  • one planetary gear and one hydraulic adjusting motor
  • reversing process is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • tool system with inserted and welded tools
  • available as stationary type (electro-hydraulic) with separate drive units and as mobile type (diesel-hydraulic)

How they work

The speciality of all Ennex two shaft shredders is the reversing process of the individually driven shafts, which is controlled by a PLC. During an idle run or when the load limit is reached, one or even both shafts switch their rotational direction and continue working in opposition.

Each tool shaft is equipped with a planetary gear and a hydraulic adjusting motor. The drive is connected with a PLC control, which has pre-selectable programs, that are specifically (and regarding the type of waste) optimised.

When shredding with a fixed middle comb, the tools are inserted against each other in rugged tool shells. In normal operation mode the material is shred against the middle comb, in the reversing mode against the side combs.

When a rotating comb shaft is used, both shafts rotate contrary in normal operation mode, but with different speed. The shaft with the lower speed has the same role as the middle comb then. In the reversing mode shredding is done on the side combs, too.

Massive contraries, which could cause blocking of the machine, can be removed mostly automatic by an disturbance material exit on the side.