Plant engineering

The whole range

of Ennex is specialized in sorting and treatment plants for different kinds of waste:

  • Light packages
  • Plastic bottles
  • Mixed construction and industrial waste
  • Cardboard, paper, cardboard packaging
  • Domestic and bulk waste
  • Residual derived fuel
  • Slag
  • Organic waste

Ennex offers to the customers of the disposal industry extensive performances starting with the planning and projecting up to the realisation of the whole plant.

The mechanical treatment concentrates on the development and assembling of the core components of sorting and treatment plants like grinding machines, separating and mixing technology, as well as conveying technology, steel construction and PLC-control. At the biological procedure plant engineering for aerobic and anaerobic waste treatment are the focus point.

A wide range of references in Europe underline the competences of Ennex in building sorting and treatment plants today and in the future, flexible and economical in a way that makes it possible to making the best of the rest.