Feeding technology

In the field of material entry, Ennex employs different feeding techniques, which are idividually designed for the application. The offered techniques include among others:

  • Walking floor/ storing feeder 
  • Tunnel feeding machines
  • Bag opener an dosing bunker


Walking floor bunker

The Walking floor bunker enables the regulation of system feed with a variety of input streams. To balance the material flow, a dosing roller can be integrated on the discharge side. The lamella system convey the material toward the dosing roller. The material is made loose by the steel noses on the dosing roller and coveyed to the next belt conveyor. The throughput can be adjusted by the frequency converters of the two motor drives. The lamella system is designed with overlapping wearing metal sheets and guide rails of hard plastic on the bottom face and on the sides. The lamella  system is moved in triple groups by means of double-acting hydraulic cylinders.


Tunnel feeding machine

In composting plants with tunnel composting, automatic feeding conveyors are often used. These pass on the downstream rotting tunnel. The feeding technology is carried out as a telescopic belt system of three longitudinally displaceable bridges, each with a conveyor belt and a respective discharge point and a pivotable and tiltable conveyor belt at the end of the lowest bridge.The stacked telescopic conveyors are movable and throw at the end on a pivotable conveyor, which distributes the material evenly in the rotting tunnel. The entry is automatically controlled and monitored by sensors to prevent overfilling.The desired level can be selected via control.